Thursday, May 1, 2008

Friday's Surf - uh just surf more

Friday will be another good surf day.

The SW swell will be peaking...and well...waves will continue to break at the exposed spots.

(I mean come on if you are reading this blog you are not likely out in the desert getting ready to have another great day surfing half-mile-long point breaks)

OK lets pretend that you have a plane and can be surfing at the spot of your choice tomorrow. If that was the case then you could expect surf to be in the chest-head high range for most SW facing spots. The Pacific Side spots will be a touch more consistent as a bit of WNW windswell moves into the more exposed areas...but the other more protected spots will be cleaner so that is sort of a wash.

Sets will be a bit inconsistent but fun when they show...points and reefs with a bit of protection from the wind will be the best call.

Anyway have fun Mr. Richie Richie with your super cool private airplane...if you need a personal surf forecaster to go with you please drop me an email.

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