Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday’s Surf in Baja Sur – waiting for more swell

Thursday will be a surf day but it will be on the small side…really it will be a better day to get into position for the next SW swell which arrives on Friday and holds into the weekend.

On Thursday most spots will see a mix of SW swell and local windswell. Average breaks will be in the waist-chest high+ range while the standout SW spots and the great combo spots see some shoulder-head high waves on inconsistent sets.

The biggest waves will be on the Pacific Side…Cabo and the East Cape will be pretty small.

I actually think the beach breaks will be a bit more consistent, and a little more rideable than most other breaks on Thursday…just due mostly to the swell inconsistency and smaller size…the windswell could help cross up the beach breaks a bit better and fill in the gaps of the swell.

Again I wouldn’t drive very far to get waves on Thursday…but I would use the day to get to a better SW spot so I could get the better swell that hits over the weekend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday's Surf in Baja Sur - A new little bump of SW swell

Wednesday will be a surf day but overall it will be on the small side, particularly when you compare it to the last couple of weeks.

We will have a mix of a new, peaking, SW pulse (210-220), SW leftovers, and some local NW windswell.

Pacific Side spots will be the biggest with the average breaks holding around waist-chest high and the top spots hitting closer to shoulder high. There may be a few bigger sets on the tide push but expect them to be on the inconsistent side.

Cabo and the East Cape will be smaller with mostly knee-waist high waves at the average spots and some rare chest high waves at the standouts (with the good tides).

I wouldn't plan on driving very far for surf on Wednesday...if you happen to find a sort-of fun/playful section I would set up camp and surf it until you can't ride it won't be worth driving further for a similar sized wave.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation and Long-Range Forecast

Hey gang I just wanted to give you a heads of my best friends is being deployed to Iraq (he flies a Blackhawk for the Army), so I am finally going to take a couple of days off to hang out (and throw a party naturally) with him before he ships out.

So I am posting a long-range surf forecast for Baja Sur the next few days...If my liver is still working at the end of this weekend I should be back and have an update for Monday's forecast. See you then!

Here is the forecast...there are not a lot of changes over the next few days...just plenty of SW swell (and local windswell)

Thursday through Sunday will be a good time to be down in Baja Sur. A new SW swell (195-215) moved in on Wednesday and will be holding size into Thursday. This will be followed by a new SW'er that comes up early on Friday and holds into Saturday morning before slowly fading out through the end of the weekend.

Through this run of SW energy the better SW exposed breaks on the Pacific Side will be in the chest-head high range while the standout spots see consistent head high and overhead sets through early Saturday...eventually backing down to about chest-shoulder high by Sunday.

Cabo San Lucas/East Cape breaks will be smaller with waves holding in the waist-chest high range Thursday through Saturday at the average spots. Standouts will have some bigger head high sets sneaking through at times (some of the really exposed breaks may be a touch larger as well). Sunday most spots will back down to about waist-chest on the bigger sets.

Winds look pretty standard for the next several days with NW flow around 10-15+ knots for most exposed breaks along the Pacific Side and variable onshore flow through Cabo and the East Cape (cleanest in the mornings). Afternoon NW winds will top out around 15-20 knots for most areas.

Anyway hope this gets you through the next few days...have a great weekend! (Ha I am on Vacation!)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wednesday’s surf in Baja Sur – Still pumping…and still making me sad that I am not there.

SW swell continues to peak on Wednesday. It will definitely be a surf day.

I sort of hate writing this just because I wish I was down surfing some lonely right-handed point break. Instead I am chained to this silly computer. Basically if you can find a SW facing spot you can expect another round of consistent shoulder-head high surf with some sets going a couple of feet overhead at the standout spots. Expect the biggest surf to continue to show on the Pacific Side but with some still playful (but slightly smaller) waves showing around the tip and the East Cape.

NW winds will continue to blow through most of Baja Sur…expect 10-20 knot+ winds along the Pacific side and slightly more swirly/variable directions showing around the Tip/East Cape

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday's Surf in Baja Sur - Don't come back

Tuesday will be a surf day.

New SW swell (195-220) will start to fill in on Tuesday and will peak through the afternoon and into Wednesday. Looks like this new swell will move in, reinforce the existing SW swell, and will mix with a bit of the local NW windswell that continues to run down the coast.

Average breaks with decent SW exposure will continue to see shoulder-head high sets with a few overhead sets mixing in at times. Standout SW breaks, mostly on the Pacific Side, will have waves going a couple of feet overhead on the best sets.

Winds are looking pretty standard for the Peninsula...mostly NW winds around 5 knots through the morning and then gusts hitting around 10-20 knots at the more exposed breaks by the afternoon.

East Cape and Cabo spots will be a touch smaller again on this SW swell direction (thanks to some shadowing by the Tip). It will still be fun but a couple of feet smaller than you will see on the Pacific Side. Winds down through the tip look a little lighter as well...mostly variable S winds through the morning and W wind around 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

Points and Reefs on the Pacific side will be the best call on Tuesday. Lots of waves, decent winds if they have some better protection. Personally I think I would stay at the longer point breaks...if only because they will offer a few different wave selections...and shit man you can ride them forever if you connect through the sections.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Surf for the weekend in Baja Sur - the second course (or is it the 3rd?)

Even more SW swell arrives over the weekend setting up a couple more "surf days" for Saturday and Sunday.

Look for the new SW'er to peak on Saturday, hold into Sunday, and then slowly start to fade on Monday (don't worry though...yet another SW swell shows next Tuesday).
Wave heights will continue to run in the chest-head high range for most SW facing spots. Standout Pacific Side breaks will have surf in the shoulder-overhead range on the sets with a few sets going a couple feet overhead on the better tides.

Cabo and the East Cape will have slightly smaller surf...more in the chest-shoulder high range with some head high+ sets at the top exposed breaks.

I think the points will have the best shape this weekend...reefs will be good too but I think the longer point-breaks will be more fun, and offer up more wave choices (big on the outside and smooth and playful on the inside). I do think that it will be worth driving a little further to hunt around for better surf...particularly if you have a few different points/reefs in the area to choose from.

Winds will continue to be on the light/moderate side. Look for NW flow around 10 knots for the mornings and gusts near 15 knots by the afternoons.

Overall it should be a great surf weekend in Baja...I wish that my father's day present was to sit at some lonely point break down that way.

Have a great weekend and an excellent Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday’s Surf in Baja Sur – Small, rideable, and waiting for the next swell

Friday will be a surf day…but it is going to feel like the ocean is on mute after the last few days of swell.

Our SW’er will have wound down to just playful sizes in most areas…look for lots of waist-chest high waves at the average spots while the standout areas see some bigger chest-shoulder high sets mixing in at times.

Biggest surf will be along the Pacific side…Cabo and the East Cape will be quite a bit weaker.

Overall it will be a good day to recover from the bigger surf early in the week. Have a couple beers, fish, do some chores…just rest the arms.
There is more SW swell on the way that starts filling in on Saturday and will peak into Sunday…so expect more overhead surf at the top spots as we head into the weekend.

Yeah for more swell!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf in Baja Sur – Lots o SW swell

Wednesday will continue the trend of good surf days.

SW swell continues to push in throughout the day but it will start to lose a little steam off the bigger waves. Expect a very slow and gradual fade in wave heights as we move into the afternoon.

Expect the average SW facing breaks to have surf in the shoulder-head high range while the standout SW spots on the Pacific Side pull in overhead+ sets.

Winds will continue to push out of the NW around 10-15 knots for most of the Pacific side breaks. Cabo and the East Cape can expect the variable-S morning winds before shifting more to the W around 10-13 knots for the afternoon.

I still think that points and reefs will be the call on Wednesday…they are going to be able to hold the shape better, offer longer rides, and easier paddles than the more walled up beach breaks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tuesday's Surf - Seriously why are you reading this?

Tuesday is going to be another pretty sick surf day in Baja Sur. There is going to be plenty of waves from our still peaking SW swell. Most spots will be overhead with top spots seeing sets going several feet overhead on slightly inconsistent sets.

I think the points are going to be the call on this swell...(reefs too if they can hold the size.) The points are going to have the classic large size on the outside and more workable sizes as you get to inside sections. If you stick to the points there should be something for everyone to surf.

Really though you should be down there already (unless you are reading this via satellite internet connection)...if you are sitting in the US still then you are just being a masochist. (I am just saying).

Friday, June 6, 2008

Weekend Surf in Baja Sur - You'll get some good lucky jerks

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will all be surf days...hell you guys will have waves all the way through the 11th.

For the weekend though look for waves in the waist-shoulder high range at the average SW facing spots (mostly along the Pacific side and some of the really exposed breaks along the tip of Baja). The Standout Pacific side breaks will see sets in the head high and even slightly overhead range.

The tides will be a bit of an issue at times but if you stick to spots that can work on a variety of tides you should be ok.

Again expect sets to be a bit on the inconsistent side but fun when they show...I would stick with the exposed points and reefs for the best shape.

Have fun...hopefully you aren't sitting at home reading this and kicking yourself because you aren't down surfing in Baja somewhere. (like I am)

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday's Surf - waves, waves, and more waves

Friday will be a surf day thanks to the mix of slowly building SW swell and generally surfable conditions.

The first leg of our SW swell train will continue to peak on Friday. Most spots will have surf in the chest-high range while the standout Pacific Side standouts see some shoulder high+ sets at times. Waves will be a little inconsistent, especially on the drained out low tides, but there will be plenty to ride if the crowd isn't bad at your spot.

Winds look pretty typical and similar to the last few days. Light NW flow for the Pacific Side in the mornings and cleaner S-SW winds for Cabo/East Cape areas. Then NW-W winds 10-15+ knots on tap for most areas by the afternoon.

Points and Reefs will likely be the most fun shapewise...beach breaks may have a few combo sets...but if you drove all the way to Baja to surf a beach break I may throw rocks at you when you get home.

Plan on getting lots of fun waves over the weekend and into early next week as more and more SW energy arrives over the next several days. Check back I will have another update (for the weekend) tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday's Surf in Baja Sur - Slowly building (I think I said that already)

Thursday looks like a surf day at the top SW facing breaks.

SW swell continues to slowly build as we move throughout the day on Thursday. Wave heights will still be around waist-chest high+ for most areas but those size sets will be more consistent and we should start seeing some shoulder high waves mix in on the better tides.

The standout areas will have some inconsistent shoulder-head high sets starting to filter in as we head into the morning tide push. It will probably be a bit soft on the higher afternoon tides but expect the energy to continue to build overnight into Friday.

Winds are still holding around 10-20 knots out of the NW with the lightest conditions showing through the morning. Cabo breaks continue to see the slight eddy with S winds coming onshore around midmorning and then turning W at 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

Again look for the best waves at the top spots (areas that can really focus a SW swell)...don't spend a lot of time checking the backup breaks.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wednesday’s Surf in Baja Sur – A slow pick up (in swell...not an actual slow pick-up truck)

Wednesday looks a little breezy but there will be new waves in the water.

Look for a building SW swell (190-210) moving into the area on Wednesday along with an increasing push of local WNW windswell.

Most spots will be in the waist-chest high range while the standout SW facing spots start to see some chest-shoulder high waves sneaking through by the lower tides in the afternoon. A few of the really well-exposed combo spots may have a few bigger waves showing by the afternoon but will likely have wind problems as well.

Winds will be out of the NW around 10-20 knots (lightest in the morning) on Wednesday. Cabo and San Jose Del Cabo will be the exception…look for a slight eddy off the Tip of Baja…with slight S winds around 2-5 knots through the morning and W winds around 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

I still wouldn’t waste a ton of gas driving from spot to spot on Wednesday…if you find a wave get out and surf. Personally I would still be planning on using the day to get to a good SW facing spot so that I would be in position for the bigger SW swell that arrives over the next few days…but hey that is just me :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tuesday's Surf in Baja Sur - Mostly leftovers

Tuesday will be a small surf day.

We will have a mix of S-SW energy and some local NW windswell. Neither one will be amounting to a ton of surf. Most of the windswell will be coming in from such a steep NW angle that it will bypass all but the well-exposed winter breaks. The S-SW swell is mostly leftover energy so set consistency and surf height will be on the slow side.

Most areas can expect surf to hold in the knee-waist high+ range while the standouts see some chest high+ waves on the best sets. Shape looks ok in the morning but the building tide and increasing onshore winds will hamper rideability by the afternoon.

I wouldn't plan on scoring a lot of surf on Tuesday...or Wednesday even...but I do think these will be good travel days. If you can get to a decent SW facing spot by the end of the week you will be in position to start scoring the next series of SW swells coming out of the South Pacific.

Here is a link to a long-range look at the swells that start arriving over this upcoming weekend.