Friday, November 16, 2007

Baja Norte: Weekend Waves…combo swell fun

NW spots will be fun over the weekend. We will have a playful mix of WNW swell holding over from Friday…and a new mix of SW and WNW swell that arrives late on Saturday and peaks into Sunday. Wave heights will hold in the waist-shoulder high range at most spots and the standout WNW breaks…particularly the beach breaks…will have some bigger head high+ sets at times. Expect similar sized waves to hold into Monday before dropping off.

Conditions look good as well. Light winds are expected through the mornings with some W winds around 10-15 knots developing through the afternoons.

Surfwise I think that most exposed spots should be fun this weekend…you just have to pick your wave flavor. I think that the biggest waves will show at the beach breaks…and could be really fun as the SW swell mixes in on Sunday. Points/Reefs will be smaller but more organized and probably a little cleaner as winds pick up in the afternoon.

Next update will be on Monday…have a great weekend!

Baja Sur: Weekend Waves…fun SW’er

This weekend will be playful at the Pacific side breaks. We have a new SW swell that arrives and peaks on Saturday and holds into Sunday. Wave heights won’t be huge…mostly waist-chest high with a few shoulder high sets at the best spots. There will also be a little bit of NW swell moving down the coast but it will only show at a few select spots.

In general I would look for the best waves at the most exposed SW spots…breaks that are fickle or require a lot of swell will not do very well on this swell. Combo beach breaks, if you can find one, will be fun as well.

Next update will be on Monday…have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baja Norte: Friday...NW fun!

Look for the best surf at NW spots on Friday. We will have new WNW swell mixing with leftover NW energy and wave heights will hold fairly consistently in the waist-shoulder high range. Standout breaks that can focus these swells a bit better will have some head high sets.

Conditions are looking good too…winds will be light to light offshore in the morning and are expected to stay light (below 10 knots) through the afternoon.

I still think you are going to find the biggest surf at the beach breaks…shape will be a little walled up but if you have a decent sandbar or a jetty or something you will be able to find some corners here and there. Points and Reefs near the border should be playful but expect them to be a couple of feet smaller than the beach breaks. Points and reefs further down the coast will be even smaller…so if you are in those areas it may be worth it to hunt around for more exposed breaks.

Baja Sur: Friday...more small waves

Another small day rolls through on Friday. Not much swell in the water so you will be looking for basically weak NW energy, local windswell, and some leftover SW energy. Look for the biggest waves on the Pacific Side…and then smaller and smaller as you move around the tip to the East Cape.

Things are looking up though…a new fun-sized SW swell (waist-chest high+) moves in over the weekend. So we should have more rideable waves showing in a couple of days.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baja Norte: Thursday's surf - Fun beach breaks

Thursday should have some fun winter surf moving through the region. Our current WNW swell will be holding and a new slightly better aimed WNW swell is set to arrive by the evening.

Now I don’t think that the swell will be big enough to get many of the points/reefs working but I do think the beach breaks near the border and down through Ensenada will be playful with surf in the waist-shoulder high+ range. Winds should be good as well…mostly light/variable through the morning and only light onshore through the afternoon.

Further South expect the WNW’ers to be a bit smaller…and like I said above I don’t think they have enough size, the right swell angle, or a long enough swell period to get the more sheltered points working. There may be a few longboard waves along the tops of the points but that would be about it.

Baja Sur: Thursday's boring surf

Our surf will still be on the small side on Thursday. Not much swell either from the SW or the NW will be showing. Expect waves mostly below waist high along the Pacific side. Most of Cabo and the East Cape will be almost flat.

Personally I would look for something else to do on Thursday, golf, fish, tequila shots…whatever floats your boat…but surfing will be on the dull side.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baja Norte: Wednesday's Surf

We will have an increase in WNW swell on Wednesday that will help to fill in wave heights at the better winter spots. In general it will be around chest-shoulder high…but a few of the more exposed beach breaks near the border will have some bigger sets at times. Winds and weather look good as well. Clean conditions in the morning with some building onshore winds through the afternoon.

I still wouldn’t drive very far to get waves…but if you are in the area it will definitely be worth a check. Otherwise you might as well just stay and surf similar waves in San Diego.

Baja Sur: Wednesday

Baja Sur will see a mix of mostly leftover SW swell and some local NW windswell. Sizewise it will be pretty weak…mostly below waist high. A few top combo spots, the well exposed breaks on the Pacific Side of Baja Sur, will be a little bigger. Expect this to be the general trend through most of the week. Weather should be nice…similar to Tuesday. Light morning conditions…N-NW winds 10+ knots. Afternoon winds build out of the NW around 10-20 knots.

There is a slightly stronger SW swell lining up for the end of the week…it won’t come in much bigger than chest high but it will at least keep some waves moving through the region.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Baja Norte: Tuesday’s Surf

Both Baja Norte and Baja Sur are looking a little on the small side as we head into Tuesday.

Baja Norte will have a mix of background SW energy, small local NW windswell, and a touch of WNW swell in the water…none of which will amount to much. I am expecting most beaches to see surf in the knee-high range with inconsistent waist high sets. The morning tide will bog even those sizes down further.

The biggest surf will be near the border…particularly at beaches that do well on the WNW-NW swell directions, and that can handle a higher tide. There may even be some chest-shoulder high sets lurking around the good sand bars. If you are thinking about heading to any other spots other than near the border I would definitely bring your small wave gear (longboard or fish). It is definitely not worth driving very far…

Weather should be nice…similar to Monday. Light morning conditions, even light offshore. W winds build in around 10-knots through the afternoon.

Baja Sur: Tuesday’s Surf

Baja Sur will see a mix of mostly leftover SW swell and some local NW windswell. Sizewise it will be pretty weak…mostly below waist high. A few top combo spots, the well exposed breaks on the Pacific Side of Baja Sur, will be a little bigger but not worth hunting down if you have to drive more than a few miles.

Weather should be nice…similar to Monday. Light morning conditions…N-NW winds 10+ knots. Afternoon winds build out of the NW around 10-20 knots.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Baja Mexico (now with more blogginess)

Hey Gang!

Welcome to the new Baja Mexico Surf Forecast Blog. Since the SoCal Blog is going pretty good I decided to throw together a little blog for Baja.

I know Baja is a special place for many people, (myself included), so while I will be talking about the forecast I will refrain from naming spots, or posting directions, or any of the other bad karma nonsense that some people throw on the inter-web.

If you get down to Baja and get a good session don't be shy...drop me a note. Any swell/wave height/conditions that you remember from your trip will do wonders to improve the forecasts. Oh and I love pictures...

- Adam