Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baja Norte: Friday...NW fun!

Look for the best surf at NW spots on Friday. We will have new WNW swell mixing with leftover NW energy and wave heights will hold fairly consistently in the waist-shoulder high range. Standout breaks that can focus these swells a bit better will have some head high sets.

Conditions are looking good too…winds will be light to light offshore in the morning and are expected to stay light (below 10 knots) through the afternoon.

I still think you are going to find the biggest surf at the beach breaks…shape will be a little walled up but if you have a decent sandbar or a jetty or something you will be able to find some corners here and there. Points and Reefs near the border should be playful but expect them to be a couple of feet smaller than the beach breaks. Points and reefs further down the coast will be even smaller…so if you are in those areas it may be worth it to hunt around for more exposed breaks.

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