Friday, November 16, 2007

Baja Norte: Weekend Waves…combo swell fun

NW spots will be fun over the weekend. We will have a playful mix of WNW swell holding over from Friday…and a new mix of SW and WNW swell that arrives late on Saturday and peaks into Sunday. Wave heights will hold in the waist-shoulder high range at most spots and the standout WNW breaks…particularly the beach breaks…will have some bigger head high+ sets at times. Expect similar sized waves to hold into Monday before dropping off.

Conditions look good as well. Light winds are expected through the mornings with some W winds around 10-15 knots developing through the afternoons.

Surfwise I think that most exposed spots should be fun this weekend…you just have to pick your wave flavor. I think that the biggest waves will show at the beach breaks…and could be really fun as the SW swell mixes in on Sunday. Points/Reefs will be smaller but more organized and probably a little cleaner as winds pick up in the afternoon.

Next update will be on Monday…have a great weekend!

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