Monday, November 12, 2007

Baja Norte: Tuesday’s Surf

Both Baja Norte and Baja Sur are looking a little on the small side as we head into Tuesday.

Baja Norte will have a mix of background SW energy, small local NW windswell, and a touch of WNW swell in the water…none of which will amount to much. I am expecting most beaches to see surf in the knee-high range with inconsistent waist high sets. The morning tide will bog even those sizes down further.

The biggest surf will be near the border…particularly at beaches that do well on the WNW-NW swell directions, and that can handle a higher tide. There may even be some chest-shoulder high sets lurking around the good sand bars. If you are thinking about heading to any other spots other than near the border I would definitely bring your small wave gear (longboard or fish). It is definitely not worth driving very far…

Weather should be nice…similar to Monday. Light morning conditions, even light offshore. W winds build in around 10-knots through the afternoon.

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