Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baja Norte: Thursday's surf - Fun beach breaks

Thursday should have some fun winter surf moving through the region. Our current WNW swell will be holding and a new slightly better aimed WNW swell is set to arrive by the evening.

Now I don’t think that the swell will be big enough to get many of the points/reefs working but I do think the beach breaks near the border and down through Ensenada will be playful with surf in the waist-shoulder high+ range. Winds should be good as well…mostly light/variable through the morning and only light onshore through the afternoon.

Further South expect the WNW’ers to be a bit smaller…and like I said above I don’t think they have enough size, the right swell angle, or a long enough swell period to get the more sheltered points working. There may be a few longboard waves along the tops of the points but that would be about it.

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