Thursday, June 5, 2008

Friday's Surf - waves, waves, and more waves

Friday will be a surf day thanks to the mix of slowly building SW swell and generally surfable conditions.

The first leg of our SW swell train will continue to peak on Friday. Most spots will have surf in the chest-high range while the standout Pacific Side standouts see some shoulder high+ sets at times. Waves will be a little inconsistent, especially on the drained out low tides, but there will be plenty to ride if the crowd isn't bad at your spot.

Winds look pretty typical and similar to the last few days. Light NW flow for the Pacific Side in the mornings and cleaner S-SW winds for Cabo/East Cape areas. Then NW-W winds 10-15+ knots on tap for most areas by the afternoon.

Points and Reefs will likely be the most fun shapewise...beach breaks may have a few combo sets...but if you drove all the way to Baja to surf a beach break I may throw rocks at you when you get home.

Plan on getting lots of fun waves over the weekend and into early next week as more and more SW energy arrives over the next several days. Check back I will have another update (for the weekend) tomorrow.

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