Monday, June 16, 2008

Tuesday's Surf in Baja Sur - Don't come back

Tuesday will be a surf day.

New SW swell (195-220) will start to fill in on Tuesday and will peak through the afternoon and into Wednesday. Looks like this new swell will move in, reinforce the existing SW swell, and will mix with a bit of the local NW windswell that continues to run down the coast.

Average breaks with decent SW exposure will continue to see shoulder-head high sets with a few overhead sets mixing in at times. Standout SW breaks, mostly on the Pacific Side, will have waves going a couple of feet overhead on the best sets.

Winds are looking pretty standard for the Peninsula...mostly NW winds around 5 knots through the morning and then gusts hitting around 10-20 knots at the more exposed breaks by the afternoon.

East Cape and Cabo spots will be a touch smaller again on this SW swell direction (thanks to some shadowing by the Tip). It will still be fun but a couple of feet smaller than you will see on the Pacific Side. Winds down through the tip look a little lighter as well...mostly variable S winds through the morning and W wind around 10-15 knots by the afternoon.

Points and Reefs on the Pacific side will be the best call on Tuesday. Lots of waves, decent winds if they have some better protection. Personally I think I would stay at the longer point breaks...if only because they will offer a few different wave selections...and shit man you can ride them forever if you connect through the sections.

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