Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wednesday’s surf in Baja Sur – Still pumping…and still making me sad that I am not there.

SW swell continues to peak on Wednesday. It will definitely be a surf day.

I sort of hate writing this just because I wish I was down surfing some lonely right-handed point break. Instead I am chained to this silly computer. Basically if you can find a SW facing spot you can expect another round of consistent shoulder-head high surf with some sets going a couple of feet overhead at the standout spots. Expect the biggest surf to continue to show on the Pacific Side but with some still playful (but slightly smaller) waves showing around the tip and the East Cape.

NW winds will continue to blow through most of Baja Sur…expect 10-20 knot+ winds along the Pacific side and slightly more swirly/variable directions showing around the Tip/East Cape

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