Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation and Long-Range Forecast

Hey gang I just wanted to give you a heads of my best friends is being deployed to Iraq (he flies a Blackhawk for the Army), so I am finally going to take a couple of days off to hang out (and throw a party naturally) with him before he ships out.

So I am posting a long-range surf forecast for Baja Sur the next few days...If my liver is still working at the end of this weekend I should be back and have an update for Monday's forecast. See you then!

Here is the forecast...there are not a lot of changes over the next few days...just plenty of SW swell (and local windswell)

Thursday through Sunday will be a good time to be down in Baja Sur. A new SW swell (195-215) moved in on Wednesday and will be holding size into Thursday. This will be followed by a new SW'er that comes up early on Friday and holds into Saturday morning before slowly fading out through the end of the weekend.

Through this run of SW energy the better SW exposed breaks on the Pacific Side will be in the chest-head high range while the standout spots see consistent head high and overhead sets through early Saturday...eventually backing down to about chest-shoulder high by Sunday.

Cabo San Lucas/East Cape breaks will be smaller with waves holding in the waist-chest high range Thursday through Saturday at the average spots. Standouts will have some bigger head high sets sneaking through at times (some of the really exposed breaks may be a touch larger as well). Sunday most spots will back down to about waist-chest on the bigger sets.

Winds look pretty standard for the next several days with NW flow around 10-15+ knots for most exposed breaks along the Pacific Side and variable onshore flow through Cabo and the East Cape (cleanest in the mornings). Afternoon NW winds will top out around 15-20 knots for most areas.

Anyway hope this gets you through the next few days...have a great weekend! (Ha I am on Vacation!)

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