Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday in Baja Sur – A slow fade into the weekend

Friday will be surfable but overall it won’t be all that good…or that consistent.

We will have a mix of local NW windswell (which is coming in too steep for most spots), some background SW energy, and just a touch of WNW swell from the NPAC.

Pacific side spots will be the biggest with surf holding in the knee-waist high range at the average breaks. The standout Pacific Side combo spots will be slightly bigger pulling in some inconsistent chest high+ sets.

Breaks along the tip will be smaller due to the lack of exposure to the WNW swell…look for mostly knee-waist high surf through that area.

Tides will be an issue for most spots…there is a negative low tide that hits around mid-morning and drains out a lot of the water. Spots are looking a little fugly when this happens but they usually recover as the tide comes back in. Try and plan your session accordingly.

Winds will be pretty consistent tomorrow as well. Pacific side areas will have NW winds around 10-20+ knots while The Tip sees lighter winds out of the N around 10-15 knots.

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