Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friday's Surf in Baja Sur: Slowly picking up

The surf will get a little more rideable on Friday as new S-SW swells start to slowly pulse in.

Wave heights at the exposed breaks will slowly build into the knee-waist high range through the morning with a rare chest high set sneaking through on the tide push.

The standout breaks on the Pacific side will have surf in the knee-chest high range with a few bigger waves on the sets.

Winds look decent as well...mostly N-NW 5-10 knots through the morning and then gusts hitting around 15+ knots by the afternoon. The protected areas should stay clean enough to surf all day.

Try and stick to the "wave magnet" spots know, those areas that always seem bigger even on the small swells. The better exposure will mean more consistency, and more size. Don't drive too far to get to one won't be worth your time...better to surf smaller waves than to hustle around for an extra half a foot of size.

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