Monday, April 21, 2008

Tuesday’s Surf in Baja Sur – Fading but fun

We will still have a few fun waves on Tuesday but the SW swells will be dropping as we move throughout the day.

Swellwise the SW’er will be fading out, will a steeper NW windswell tries to build along the coast. Most spots will continue to see that leftover SW energy sending in waist-chest high surf. A few of the standout beach breaks on the Pacific Side, will have some rare chest-shoulder high sets…particularly if the break can combo in a bit of the windswell.

Conditions are about the same as the weekend. Mostly NW winds, 10 knots in the morning with gusts hitting 10-20 knots in the afternoon.

Not much advice to give on this forecast. If you are still seeing a few fun waves at the spots you are surfing just stay there. It isn’t really worth hunting around unless your break has gone totally flat. Looks like it will be a touch smaller by the middle of the week so try and milk it for at least one more day.

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