Sunday, April 27, 2008

Monday’s Surf in Baja Sur – This isn’t where I parked my car

Monday will have mostly leftovers from the weekend being propped up by a new (but small) S-SW swell.

Average areas will hold around knee-waist high while the standout breaks see some inconsistent chest high sets.

Conditions should be ok through the morning with winds out of the NW but staying light for the first part of the day. Look for NW winds 10-15+20 knots to build in through the afternoon (winds wills stay lighter through Cabo and the Tip).

Monday won’t be much of a surf day but there will be some rideable waves at the top spots. It probably won’t be worth sticking around and baking in the desert at most breaks…you could probably try and surf something close and then plan on a siesta for the second part of the day.

Personally I would be using Monday and Tuesday to get into position for the new SW swell that arrives later this week. You should have time to get a good plan, some more supplies, and hit the road. Hopefully you would be in place to surf by Wednesday morning and then plan on surfing through the end of the upcoming weekend.

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