Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday’s Sur in Baja Sur – Get some

Thursday will be a pretty darn good surf day.

New SW swell will be arriving steadily through the morning and mixing with the S-SW leftovers and local NW windswell.

Most spots will have surf consistently in the chest-shoulder high range while the standout breaks, mostly on the Pacific side, see head high+ sets on the better parts of the tide swing.

Cabo and the Tip will be a touch smaller and less consistent through the morning but the building SW’er will fill in more through the afternoon. Look for fairly decent surf through San Jose Del Cabo and out on the East Cape as well. There may be some long-waits for sets but they will become more consistent as the swell fills in.

NW winds will continue to blow through the Baja Sur region on Thursday. Look for NW flow around 5-10+ knots through the morning and gusts closer to 15+ by the afternoons.

Really you get to pick your poison on Thursday…but if you aren’t already close to the spot you want to surf you have sort of blown it…you will miss a lot of waves driving there tomorrow. I think that the points and reefs will offer up the best shape…particularly the ones that have some protection from the wind. Good luck, have fun and send me some pictures if you score!

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