Friday, April 11, 2008

The Weekend in Baja Sur – New S-SW swell and cleaner conditions

We should have some small, but playful, surf this weekend.

New S-SW swell (185-210) will be moving in more on Saturday, peak in the afternoon and hold into Sunday.
Average breaks throughout the region, both on the pacific side and the tip, will have surf in the knee-waist high+ range. Standout areas, mostly the well exposed combo breaks on the pacific side, will see chest-shoulder high+ sets…maybe even a few bigger inconsistent sets on the tide push.

Look for the biggest surf at the beach break areas…particularly spots that can pull in a bit of the windswell. The points and reefs will be a little smaller and softer thanks to limited exposure…and just the nature of those breaks to soften swells.

Winds and weather are looking good…mostly light N-NW winds around 10-15 knots in the afternoons and lighter, more offshore, winds for the dawn patrols.

I don’t think it will be worth a ton of driving around…so if you find a fun looking wave paddle out…it isn’t going to be a ton better at the next point (never drive away from fun surf!)

Have a great weekend! But make sure to check back…there is a decent looking storm in the South Pacific that is brewing up right now…I will put together a post on it over the next day or so.

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