Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Surf for Baja Sur - A little more size

The surf won't be very big this weekend but it will be better than the last couple of days.

New S-SW energy and some local NW windswell move in over the weekend to add a little bit of size to the better exposed breaks.

Most spots will continue to see surf in the knee-waist high range. Standout S-SW facing spots with good healthy exposure as well as the decent combo breaks, will have some chest high sets. It will be a bit inconsistent at times but the sets should be fun when they show.

Winds look ok as well...maybe a bit breezy at the more exposed breaks in the afternoons...but surfable through the mornings at least. Expect consistent NW flow around 10-20 knots at the exposed areas.

Again it won't be worth driving very far to look for surf...just not enough swell in the water to justify it...but it should be fun if you only have to head down the road for a few minutes.

Better swell comes in next week...make sure to read that alert that I sent out this morning.

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